Saturday, 16 November 2013


So there is a first time Author that developed a pre-teen novella based on the Douen. Two weeks prior the Scyfy Drama "Haven" did an episode that incorporated the Douen. It appears that there is an awakening of sorts surrounding the Mythology of the Caribbean. As creatives in Hollywood seek new muses, the Caribbean's folklore is providing an imaginative alternative to the mainstays of Marvel and DC comics. I have long believed that the folklore of this region was rich and full of characters that can be developed for good and evil and I am thrilled to finally see it making a few steps in this direction. These are stories and characters that can rise like a phoenix from the ashes and envelop the imaginations of a new generation. I am therefore re-dedicating myself to this blog and will work on bringing the related website to fruition in the immediate future. Please stick with me!!! The novella is called "Dancing with Douens" by TJ Foster and is part 1 of a series that will future various folkloric characters. This novella is available exclusively through Amazon. I will keep you posted as the others become available. Thank you for your loyalty and interest.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I wanted to say sorry to the loyal followers of the blog for not being more regular with my postings. I promise to try harder in the future. For today's post I wanted to give a little info on some of my favourtite characters. I have previously mentioned the douen, who are children buried before being baptised that come back to lure young children into the woods and forest. In the past, the story of the douen like most stories of these characters were told to scare young children not to run off and to stay close to home. I would like to revamp this notion of the douen. In my work in progress I choose to portray the douen as more of a playful character, as it is a child. The La Diablesse or woman of the night, bears one cloven foot and she entices men at bars to take her home. She wears a broad rimmed hat that covers most of her face. Usually once the man in taken into the woods, she reveals her colven foot and shows her mangled face. Her story is one of a woman betrayed by men and so she wants to lead them into the woods where they will usually meet their death. The moral of her stories act as warnings to young men to never stray for the femme fatale. Again, I believe that her story can be updated, after all she was the woman wronged :0) The Soucouyant or ball of fire is a creature that transforms at night to suck the blood of anyone that she believed mistreated her. She sheds her skin at night when she transforms into fire. She also must greet the person whose blood she drank the previous night face to face the next morning. She will slowly drain this person of their blood causing death. Again, the soucouyant's story is meant to teach manners and politeness to all as you never know who may be a soucouyant.

I will bring up other characters soon but please let me know of any that you have found. In the next posting I will relay ways to protect yourself should you encounter any of these characters.

Keep on rescuing and posting.


Sunday, 25 October 2009


I just wanted to say welcome to my felow superheroes :) Thanks for the support and I will try to make this one hell of a ride :) Please let me know your thoughts on everything and contribute as much as much as you want, this site belongs to you as well. Welcome and thanks and let's go save some mythical butt!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, 24 October 2009

Your New Mission

Hey all,
Thanks for all the comments but pplease do not forget to become a follower so that you are kept updated. Remember that you can also post any stories or anything that you may want to shere on the topic. I have written a short story on one of my favourtie characters, although I shouldn't say that, as a mummy they are all my favourites. Anyway, this is a story about the douen, mythical character of a child that died before being baptised, as a result the child has returned to lure other children into the woods/forest. the trademark of the douen is the feet are turned in the wrong direction. so here's the story and enjoy...

“Do you think what Miss Jordan said in class today was true?” Michelle asked her friend Tracy as they walked home from school.
“No, how can someone have feet facing in the wrong direction?”
“Well Miss said that it was because after they died they walked out of their grave and it is so they can lead us in. You know, like how mummy always saying that people smile in your face but then talk behind your back.” Michelle replied with a confused frown creasing her smooth chocolate skin.
“Yeah I know, my mummy says that too all the time. But Miche you know that what Miss said was a story and so it had to be make believe.”
“But Tracy, I think that happened to Derek.”
“Who Derek?”
“Derek from around the corner by me. The boy from the story had to be Derek remember how one day last year he just disappeared.”
“Miche you better stop this talk now yes, you starting to frighten me.”
“You mean you wasn’t frighten when Miss was telling us about the douens.”
“No. I thought it was like talking about Dracula and the Mummy, like it does have on Scooby Doo.”
“Anyway, don’t forget what Miss said, just don’t answer if you hear somebody calling your name, go and find them first, that is how they get your voice to call you at night. I will see you Monday.”
“Ok bye Michelle.”
“Bye Tracy.”
The girls parted outside of Michelle’s house, but just as Tracy got to the end of the street she heard her name being called.
She instantly felt fearful. She could swear that she saw someone’s shadow behind her.
‘Why Michelle like to talk so much boy’ she thought angrily as she quickened her pace home.
‘I should have never stayed back to play with her after school finish, now look it getting dark.’
She heard her name being called again as she got to the end of the other street.
Tracy started to run and then she heard laughter. She was shaking.
“Tracy, oh gosh stop nah I can’t keep up fuss I laughing. You such a scardey cat.”
Tracy turned to see Michelle doubled over with laughter.
“Michelle, you real’ stupid eh. I hope you could get back home before it get dark by yourself. I closer to my house now than you to yours. You better be careful.” Tracy yelled angrily to her friend.
Michelle laughed some more and then turned back.
As she started walking she heard “Michelle”
“What Tracy? You can’t try the same trick on me that I just played on you.” Michelle shouted without turning back.
After a few steps she did not hear anything. She looked back but did not see anyone on the street.
‘What happen to Tracy? She trying to frighten me, well I will show her.’ Michelle thought as she turned off the street into the wooded area bordering their village.
‘I will hide behind this tree and jump out and frighten her when she pass.’ Michelle smiled.
After a few moments there was no sound. Michelle began to wonder if she was imagining her name being called. It was starting to get dark and she thought that she better get home before her mother gave her a licking for being late from school. Just then she heard it again,
This time it came from right behind her. She jumped and spun around, again nothing. When she turned back there it was, a douen. It was just like Miss Jordan has described. The big, wide brimmed hat, the white shirt and short khaki pants. Her heart started to pound. Her eyes widened as the douen again called her name.
“Michelle come and play nuh.”
The douen began to sing the phrase over and over while it danced in circles around her.
“Michelle come and play nuh.”
Michelle was transfixed. She felt like she could not move. Her feet were rooted to the spot.
Soon the douen stopped dancing and singing and started to move closer to Michelle. It’s voice suddenly changed. It became the voice of a very young child.
Sadly, the douen asked “Why you not playing with me? Do you want me to call my friends so we can all play together?”
The douen then lifted its head up to show Michelle that under the hat, there was no face.
It was then that Michelle screamed out and ran home without ever looking back. As she ran she could hear a child crying behind her, then the sound of laughter. From then on Michelle was sure not to play games on Tracy or anyone again. After all, that was all the douen wanted to do with her.

Remember to pass it along so that the tradition stays alive, that is you mission as a hero should you choose to accept it.

Keep saving lives.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

new story

So here is something that I am working on let me know your thoughts...

I am writing a series of books using the characters of Trinidadian mythology, namely Doeuns, La Diablesse, Soucouyant, Papa Bois, Mama D'Leau and Lagahoo. The first title in the series will focus on the doeun. For those of you not familiar, the doeun is a child that died before bing christened (baptised). This child becomes a spirit that leads young children into the woods/forest where they are lost to their families. The main characteristic of the doeun is a broad brimmed hat that covers the face and feet turned backwards meant to mislead adult followers and trick their sense of direction.

Anyway, more will be revealed shortly...

Back to the first title in the series...Here are some snippets...
* * *
The rain pelted down on the multi-coloured umbrellas as they congregated outside the temple. The fat drops mirrored the silent tears falling down the woman’s cheeks. The men carried the small body dressed in white towards the cremation site. Krishna held onto his grandmother’s hand and watched. At three years old, he did not understand what was happening and his mother’s tears could not provide any ready answers.
“Say Good bye to Ravi, you will see him again in another life.” Nani whispered to the young boy.
“Goodbye Ravi.” Krishna followed her instructions.
As the flames enveloped the body, Krishna’s mother lost her legs and fell screaming to the floor. Nani swept Krishna towards the car as the other mourners circled his mother. Looking back at her, Krishna’s confusion deepened.
“Why is Mami crying? Ravi will come back, right Nani?”
“Don’t look back Krishna. Don’t look back.”
* * *

Her father’s Toyota pulled up to the curb outside of the modest house. Aysia could not believe they had moved to Santa Domenica. She wondered if the internet got this far inland. As she got out of the car, the slight breeze carried the scent of mango and bougainvillea from the surrounding yards. The street itself was busy enough with women and children walking in the sunshine of mid morning. Everyone looked openly at the new residents to the town, assessing them at first glance. Aysia felt the judging although it was shielded behind good mornings and polite smiles.
“It will be great living here, you know, fresh air and fruit, small neighbourhood,” Her father began as he placed his arms around her shoulders.
“Glad you think so, you did not have to leave your friends behind.” Aysia sulked as she moved out of her father’s embrace.
“What you talking about? You ain’t have no friends, just weirdo Sofia.” Alex, Aysia’s twin brother laughed as he came up beside her on the street.
“Enough you two,” their mother sighed. “What do you think of your new house Maya?”
The youngest of the clan looked up at house painted green and white with its small verandah in front and smiled.
“Is that mango tree ours?” her small voice asked.
“Yes sweetie and I believe there are some other fruit trees around the back”, their father responded, glad for the encouragement.
Eyes dancing, “can we go in?” she asked moving to hold the hands of her older brother and sister.
Aysia looked down at Maya and could not help but smile. Maya was so little and full of hope. Aysia tucked one of Maya’s braids behind her ears and nodded. The family pushed open the metal gate and walked up the steps to their new home. None of them noticed the small brown face looking at them from behind their mango tree.

* * *

In the living room, Malcolm and Alex Graves spoke softly.
“Let’s try and make a good start please Alex. No more trouble ok. I don’t think your mother nor I can stand anymore. This is a new start and we won’t put up with anymore of your behaviour.”
“Sure Dad. From now on, I’ll be just like Aysia, identical.” Alex smirked.
“Cut the sarcasm Alex, I mean it. This is your last chance. So buck up.”
“Okay dad. I’ll head to bed, early morning and all. Night mom.” Alex sauntered to bed as Camille walked in to the living room.
“Good Night Alex, we love you, you know.”
“I know Mom.”
Hugging Malcolm, Camille wondered if they made the right decision. She could feel the unhappiness coming from Alex and Aysia and the worry from Maya. But the decision was made and it was for the best, for all of them.
As the lights slowly turned out through the Graves home, the scurry of little feet rushed through the yard to the dense cluster of trees to the back of the house leading to the forest. One pair of feet stopped at Maya’s bedroom window to look at the sleeping girl. When called from the edge of the yard, the small brown face frowned before following his siblings.

There they are....please share....

Hello there

So here's the deal...

I am wondering if there are others out there like me who are of Caribbean heritage and interested in the mythology and folklore of the Caribbean. The stories of La Diablesse, Soucouyant, Papa Bois and others fascinated me as a child and I have been greatly disappointed to discover that many of the younger generation (not trying to divulge too much about my age :O) do not even know the names of these characters or their stories. Yet, they can fully describe Gollum, or even quote from Twilight. My aim for this blog is to resurrect these characters of Caribbean mythology and folklore with stories, new and even old, poems, plays anything that can re-ignite the fire and passion from whence these stories came. I am urging anyone out there that is interested in "saving the La Diablesse so that we can save this world of oral tradition", (note my use of Heroes terminology), my weak attempt at making these stories relevant for a younger crew :O) to please log on and send my your feelings. In short I am recruiting heroes for this cause. Log on, say something, learn something and be a hero!!!!

Your fellow fighter